A total of 309.800 m2 closed area have one of the largest enterprises of the sector in Turkey with 201.300 m2.


BCF Yarn product range between the thicknesses of 1000-5000 dtex.

As Melike Tekstil, we added BCF, which is one of the important products for the yarn industry, among our production capabilities via our investment in 2013. Our facility, which can meet the diversity of customer expectations in BCF Yarn, can produce BCF Yarn that is required for both carpet and weaving products needed in both domestic and global markets, at high standards.

Melike Tekstil BCF Yarn production facility makes production on an area of 8.500 m2 with a capacity of 600 tons per year. We produce BCF Yarn that is produced via computer-controlled machines, with high efficiency in 3 stages. Via the Neumag machine line, Large machine line and Superba machine lines, we conduct the basic steps enabling the production of BCF Yarn with the desired properties.

We can produce the BCF Yarn used at the weaving industry and Tufting Carpet product group in a product range between the thicknesses of 1000 and 5000 dtex. We can produce PP BCF lathe centered, PP twisted yarn, PP heatset yarn, PP uncut velvet, glitter + uncut velvet, glitter + heatset, High Definition Tricolor yarn in line with customer expectations.  We support the high-quality control processes at all stages from raw materials to the finished products with our laboratory equipped with high technology. We can conduct important tests such as crimp-shrink, Elongation and Twisting at our facility.



Melike Tekstil in 2011 acrylic production started. Our Acrylic Yarn Production Facility, which was originally established on an area of 22.000 m2, has now become a large facility on an area of 50.000 m2.At our acrylic plants, we produce 2.250 tons per month and a total of 27.000 thousand tons per year.In addition to our high-technology production lines, we continue our work as a competent enterprise that can meet customer needs under a single roof via the skein dyehouse.We can produce our acrylic yarns with a thickness between 7- 50 Nm.



As Melike Tekstil, we have become a company that produces high-quality Cotton Yarn and is in high demand by the market since our first year of production. We continue our production at an increasing rate at our Cotton Plant that is our newest Yarn Production investment.



Our Chenille Yarn Facility is the first production unit of Melike Tekstil. In 2002, we have invested in the Skein Dyehouse at the Chenille Yarn production, which we started in 2000, in order to increase our product range and to meet the customer needs. Thus, we started to offer the desired colors of Chenille Yarns within the structure and quality of Melike Tekstil.



We started the investment of our Ring Yarn production facility, which is one of the most established parts of our Melike Tekstil Yarn Production facilities, in 2004 and started production in 2007. Thereafter, in line with the increasing demand, our Ring Yarn production facility, which joined in the scope of Melike Tekstil, which was the second product group after Chenille Yarn, has increased our production capacity by 45% in 2010, and it is established and it has been working with the capacity and competencies to meet the demand in the domestic and global markets.