As Melike Tekstil, we continue our production that we started with Chenille Yarn by adding our Cotton Yarn, Acrylic Yarn, Polyester Yarn and Ring yarn plants.


  • Products : Wool, Acrylig, Wool-Polyamide, Acrylig-Wool Mix
  • Parameters : 7 Nm- 54 Nm
  • Monthly : 2.250 tons

With our state of the art paint shop, we offer our customers acrylic yarn in all the colors they demand.

Acrylic fiber is the type of fiber most similar to wool among artificial fibers.

With the decision to make new investments in the closed area of ​​22.000 m2 in 2011, Melike Tekstil started to make wool, acrylic, wool-polyamide, acrylic-wool mixed carpet yarn.

In our acrylic plants, we produce 2,250 tons per month and a total of 27,000 tons per year. With our state-of-the-art paint shop, we offer our customers all the colors they demand.

Yarn production consisting of acrylic, wool, bamboo, tensel and their mixtures can be produced in the acrylic mill between 7 Nm and 54 Nm.

At the production stage, collapsed or relax yarn can be produced according to the customer's request.



As Melike Tekstil, we continue to produce cotton, which we started in 2014, by producing 2550 tons per month and a total of 30600 tons per year. We can produce cotton at a thickness between Ne 10/1 and Ne 80/1. As Melike Tekstil, we control every step starting from the raw material of cotton to the final stage of production via our state-of-the-art laboratory devices due to our quality standards and customer satisfaction.



BCF, with the meaning of bulk continuous filament, is a type of fiber obtained from the polypropylene raw material. It is generally used in area rug weaving, wall-to-wall carpets, car upholstery and car mats. As Melike Tekstil, we continue to produce BCF yarn, which we started in 2013, by producing 1.500 tons per month and a total of 18.000 tons per year.



Chenille is a fancy yarn that is created by cutting the weft yarns between the warps in a leno weaving structure obtained with two cross warps and pile wefts that can be used in products such as upholstery fabric, knitwear, and hand knitting. With its developing technology, Melike Tekstil has increased its production facility that started production in 2.000, to a capacity of 24.000 kg/day chenille yarn production. We produce 700 tons of yarn per month and a total of 8.400 tons of yarn per year. We can produce chenille yarn between the range of 0.5 Nm to 12 Nm at our facilities. We produce the highest-quality yarn focused on customer satisfaction with the raw materials such as acrylic, polyester, cotton, viscose that we purchase from the best manufacturers in the world.



Melike Tekstil had started Ring production in 2008. The fibers that we use as raw materials in production are separated into two as natural fibers (Cotton, Tencel, Viscose, Bamboo and Modal) and artificial fibers (Polyester and acrylic). We can produce yarns at a thickness between Ne 16/1 and Ne 60/1.